Sunday, October 18, 2015

Readathon: The Update

I'm a wee bit too tired to go into an actual long running summary of it, so I'll save that for after I've actually slept, but I did manage to get through a majority of the books:

1) Unicorns of Balinor - Shadows Over Balinor
2) UofB - Night of the Shifter's Moon
3) UoB - The Secrets of the Scepter
4) UoB - Search for the Star
5) UoB - By Fire, by Moonlight
6) UoB - Valley of Fear
7) UoB - Sunchaser's Quest
8) UoB - The Road to Balinor
9) Graphic Novel - Myths and Legends, 3
10) Graphic Novel - Myths and Legends, 4
11) Graphic Novel - Myths and Legends, 5
12) The Last Herald-Mage - Magic's Pawn (Halfway completed)
13) TLHM - Magic's Promise
14) TLHM - Magic's Price

Had I not taken as many breaks as I did, I likely would have finished Pawn and probably even Promise - but it is what it is.

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