Sunday, October 19, 2014

Today My Life Changed

Though technically, it changed a few weeks ago.  Today was just the solidifying change.

I'm posting from Indianapolis, from a nice hotel room.  For the first time, I drove from home to here on my own, and will be doing so over many times over in the coming weeks.  The reason for that is this: I have a job.

Though, more particularly, I'm undergoing training for said job, first.  Tomorrow I start, and will finally after the long wait see what I am in store for in the coming weeks, months, and years to come.  My schedule is set until January, for all intents and purposes, which sets my mind at ease in the sense that I at least will know well ahead of time what days I will and will not be scheduled.

There are likely to be posts abound regarding my exploits in Indianapolis, though more likely then not most of them won't touch too much on what I'm learning.  I hope to be able to experience the city in a way I haven't been able to yet, as GenCon doesn't leave much room for exploration.  Stay tuned, folks - this is going to be a wild ride.

Also, since it pertinent to the name of this blog, my new title is this: Family Case Manager.

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