Monday, September 1, 2014

The Rage Is Strong In This One

So, a precursor to this particular rant: I am a member of a group that serves a dual purpose.  One, to roast other members/people, and two, call out people that actually do something wrong or unsavory in other related groups.

I've been in it for awhile, and while some things have occurred that annoyed me (and caused me to lose a mass amount of respect for several people), tonight is the first time I've felt truly outraged and horrified.  I won't go into details, because it'd mainly be namedropping and convoluted, but it simmers down to this: Person 1 hates person 2 and person 2's wife.  Person 2's wife technically died and was thankfully revived within the last week or two.  Person 1 said the wife should have just died, it'd make the world a better place.

NO.  Just no.  If that was not bad enough - then Person 3 comes in saying wishing death on another person is equal to insulting or belittling another person - because the ending of a life is as insignificant as words being slung?  Never in my life have I ever felt this revolted.

I cannot say I've never wished that someone would take a long walk off a short pier, as it could be put - but never, NEVER would I justify it as anything but irrational, angry ramblings.  I definitely would also never have the nerve to say it was no different then me saying that person is a fool, a jerk, a good-for-nothing - because they are on two totally different planes of existence.  One is meaningless dribble - the other is wishing for someone's entire life to come to an abrupt end, causing pain and suffering in the meanwhile.

Good people that wish it understand it isn't a good thing to wish for, even regret it.  Bad people that wish it brag about it and claim it as no big deal.

Worse part about it all?  It's all over her supposedly making a mean comment about a kid.  Not to the kid, mind.  To the adult.  The adult that can't even remember what the hell she even said.  Great, isn't it?

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