Friday, September 12, 2014

Foodagality: Tuna and Corn Jacket Potatoes

So, today I was too lazy to go digging through the freezers and pantry to figure out what to make for dinner.  Big surprise there, right?  Me, lazy?  Never.

I decided to make use of a website that allows you to input ingredients to a list, and it'll spit out recipes that use those ingredients.  Out of the few things I could remember off the top of my head, one of the delicacies it showed me was a recipe called Tuna and Corn Jacket Potatoes.

I was skeptical.  Considering it is a mix of tuna, mayo, green onion, and corn, shoved into a baked potato - it sounded just odd enough that I had to try to make it for dinner.

I did modify it a little though.  The recipe directions call for it to be cooked in the oven.  Which, while the currently freak cold spell would have been a nice time to have the house heated by doing so, I opted for the microwave for ease (and my oven is a wreck....that could have helped the decision along too.)

That, and I used Idaho potatoes rather then the ones the recipe calls for.  I don't know whether it made a decision flavor-wise, but regardless - it turned out delicious.

Of course I forgot to take any pictures to add to this for it.  The best way I can describe the taste was that it was a lot like a tuna melt.  One small and one medium potato with the mix in them was enough dinner for me.

Basically, the long and short of this is that if you have the ingredients, you should totally try this recipe.  It's the bomb.  And apparently goes good with cheese on it, though I didn't have it that way:

Tuna and Corn Jacket Potatoes

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