Monday, August 11, 2014

Post-Graduation Party and Pre-Job

This summer has been a roller coaster of emotions.  It started out with an almost depression, mourning the loss of my graduation walk, mourning the loss of a beloved pet not too long after.

The high of planning my graduation party, of my family coming up.  The highs and lows of having my little sister up here for a week, of taking her out with Ron, not knowing how to take care of a six-year-old.

The party was, for all intents and purposes, a success.  I'm still working out thank you cards for everyone that showed up and everyone that sent a gift.  It's a lot harder writing them then I thought they would be, but they'll get done soon, I'm sure.

Far too soon, little girl.
We miss her so much.
Then we lost Kethry, unexpectedly.  That, at risk of understating it, took a lot of the edge off my enthusiasm for the new computer my wonderful Ron had built for me as a gift, for the good things that had happened, while also tempering my ill feelings about everything that had gone bad.  And now, Rose is alone - and I'm worried.  Worried she is unhappy, unwell, and wonder what is to come, with her being a good year and a half old by now.  I'm scared for her, and fear that the day she joins her sisters is coming far too soon for me.

I'm worried about my family, the health of my grandparents and my sister.  Worried about my current loss of insurance, until I get more information in the mail.

But even amongst the worry and doubt, good things are happening.  Ron and I attended the Bristol Renn Faire.  We're going to Gencon in less then four days.  I'm starting a job in a week, something I've been fighting and crying for since this time last year.  Everything is starting to move forward - and I have to prepare for it, whatever may come.

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