Friday, March 28, 2014

Catching Up #2: New Car

In this second installment of my recent past life, we will be discussing my new car.

It's actually my fourth car total and second Volvo to date.  My ford had just given me too much headache, mainly in the form of its brakes needing to be fixed.  Of course, that ultimately ended up happening too, and was/is being sold to a couple that needed a car that could get them from Point A to Point B - but in the meanwhile, I'd been on the search for another Volvo.

After what happened to the last one, I'd decided to look on ebay, craigslist, google, and anywhere that had the word 'car' in the title to find a new volvo.  Of course, most were either out of my price range, too many miles, or too far away.  The one or two I managed to look at either I was screwed out of, or cost far too much for a vehicle that appeared to have a lot of mechanical problems.

Yay random stock images of cars!
Que my grandfather, who ended up finding my now Volvo S80 down in Georgia.  I never even saw it prior to it being shipped up here, and considering how picky I am about braking, controls, etc, it was a major gamble to hinge our purchase of it on my grandfather's test driving of it.

Obviously, the risk paid off, because it was shipped up here just in time to get it plated and drives like a dream.  I even have a CD player.  A.  CD.  Player.

Besides, it's also a 2000.  I'm outta the 90s, baby!

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