Friday, March 21, 2014

Catching up #1 - New pet

I wish I'd kept this actually updated, because so much has happened in the past month and a half - some of it good, some of it not so good. So I'm just going to do a line of posts regarding the biggest changes and events of the last few weeks.

The biggest thing is that we have expanded our fur-family once again.  The SO and I are now the proud fur-parents of a cat we've since then named Stormy - based off the Stormcloaks in Skyrim, because geek.

We had decided several weeks prior that we wanted to get a cat, but considering my allergy, had to do extensive research into it to see how likely it was that we could have one that wouldn't have me sneezing blood for the rest of my life.

It ended up being a lot simpler, since I had had the allergy shots when I was younger.  The only thing that left to actually do was buy an air purifier* (which you can actually see the bottom of in the picture - it's the black blob, and keep him out of sensitive rooms until we saw how my body would react to the allergen.

Needless to say, we've had him for a month come Sunday.  The actual story behind getting him is actually mildly funny, due to the way it all worked out.

This.  This is the face of cuteness.  And evil.
I had gone in to a Petsmart that was holding an adoption event - because, you know, I can't go a week without looking at cute animals - and it was only thirty minutes before I showed up he was brought in by a firefighter.  He'd apparently been hiding under a car or something, so the humane society took him.  I ended up falling in love with him on the spot, but at that time we'd A) Not figured out any details of having said cat and B) He wasn't for adoption yet.

So, que Ron and I harassing the Humane Society Calumet** for a good week or more.  Plans were laid, conversations with family and the society had, and then-named Copter was brought home by moi.

Of course, he's terrified of doors, the outdoors, weird loud noises, and has a dire hatred of baths - but he's our kitty, and he's adorbs.  He's managed to sneak his way into the bedroom by now, the little con artist.

Allergy-wise?  The first week or so was bad.  The second week to third week I was sick with a head cold, but now - everything seems fine.  My eyes don't itch every night like they did the first week.  So either I'm incredibly lucky or I'm becoming a little more immune to his particular allergen - but either way, I'm just glad it ended up working out, because both of us love him dearly.

*If any of you are looking for a good air purifier, ours is a Honeywell, and has worked beautifully.  No, we are not getting rid of it - but if you are researching them, give them a shot.

**Also, the Humane Society of Calumet is amazingly amazing.  They were patient, kind, understanding, and very open and clear with us along the whole process.  If we ever end up adopting another pet, we're likely going to go back to them.

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