Thursday, November 28, 2013

What Am I Thankful For? A lot.

These years have given me a lot of things, and taken some from me as well.  So, this year, I have decided to create the list of everything I am thankful for - either for being taken, or for being given.  Note that none of these are in any particular order, just that they are in the order I thought to add them.

1) My grandfather's life.  This has been a month of ups and downs.  It was a year ago I lost a friend in this month - it was in 2007 I was given my little sister in this month.  Now, this is also the month that my grandfather's life was saved by a last minute surgery.  Had he not gotten to the doctor in time, this thankfulness would be for the time I had had with him, the 25 years worth - instead, it is that I am thankful that this world spared him, allowing him to live longer, live healthier.  To live to see me graduate, see Christmas, see sava grow up more.  To spend more time with his wife, my grandmother, and their children.

1.5) My family.  They're crazy, they make me want to tear my hair out sometimes, and for some strange reason everyone wants to adopt them, but end of the day, they're mine.

2) My friends.  It's been a long few years.  Too many of them were spent wondering where I was going, who I was.  Too many were spent with too few smiles and not enough laughter.  But now - well, not to say I'm any better off in the 'who am I?' and 'where in this gigantic world am I going?' arena- but at least now, there are those of you that I can voice these questions and worries to, without wondering if I was going to be judged, or ridiculed, for them.  I've slowly weeded out the people that did me no good - the liar, the control freak, the entirely useless - and am left mostly with people I can rely on, trust, and know that end of the day, no matter how much I screw up and stumble - they'll be there to help me stand back up again, or give me a good slap when I'm being silly.  I have reasons to be thankful to each one of them - but that's for a post on another day.

3) Ron.  There's no denying we've been through more in the last year and a half or so then I'd like to admit.  Between death threats, car problems, school problems, financial aid problems, family issues, friend issues, psychological issues - sometimes I marvel that we are this far along.  That end of the day, he still kisses me good night and tells me he loves me.  That'll he so patiently lets me whine and complain, helping me find the solutions, fix the problems - even ones that seem unfixable.  I love him so much, and I'm not sure where I'd be today, had he not graced me with his presence.

4) School.  God.  I hate Purdue.  Seriously, I've been there almost seven years, it's getting a little old.  But I can't really say it has all been for naught - even with my monster pile of debt, and the headache and heartache and wanting to murder my advisers, I'm getting my degree, and two minors to boot.  That's knowledge.  And knowledge is good.  And besides - going through the trials PUC has put me through, has prepared me more for life outside of it more then any class probably could have.

5) Speaking of current adviser is amazing.  It's because of her I'm graduating this year.  She's the one that helped me map out the past year and a half of schooling, and this last one as well.  I probably owe my degree to her.

6)  The internship.  It has been amazing in EC.  The people are amazing.  The work has been, while sometimes "boring," it has still taught me so much that I didn't know about the world of law enforcement.  I can't even put to words how sad I am my internship is ending soon - but I hope to be able to continue it beyond the class.

7) My meecers.  It's hard to believe that Rose and Doctor are eight months old already - man!  And Kethry is around two, three months old.  We've had our share of losses this year, but these three - they are adorable, and make me happy.  Even when they are squabbling and I have to get up to separate them for awhile.  As frustrating as they can be sometimes - having them climb over everything to get to my side of the tank when I approach makes, being their cute selves, makes it totally worth it.

8) My health.  As we speak, I am off the tegretol.  I am off the citalapram.  And I'm off...whatever that acid reflex medication was.  Assuming nothing changes, the first two won't be coming back, and the third will only be used as needed.  Which isn't too shabby for one year's work. I'd say.

9)  DCD.  No, seriously - even though I've crash landed, I'm ok.  Yeah, it didn't go according to plan, at all - it still taught me a lot.  And who knows - maybe I will be able to breath life back into my business.  If not, that's ok too - because that just means now is not the right time, and that I'll just have to wait a little while until it is.  I don't know that I  ever said it, but I found some awesome friends because of DCD, and between that and the lessons I've learned - that makes any ending worth it.

10) The XBox One.  You're going to think I'm joking, and you might be partially right.  But after a long day at the school, of tearing my hair out at my classes and assignments, sometimes being able to return at night and yell at the XBO to make me a sandwich can be just stupid enough to make me smile despite it all.

I think that covers most of it, or at least a large chunk of it.  Yeah, I complain a lot.  A lot.  But end of the day, I know that despite any problems, I still have it pretty good.  Yeah, my financial aid is running out end of  next semester - but you know what?  At least I had financial aid at all.  And yeah, I'll complain that I can't buy something I want - but there are people out there that can barely buy what they need, if they can at all.

I am lucky, as are many of you, in different ways.  Let's not forget to be thankful for what we have - but to also remember to be generous to those that don't.

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