Monday, November 11, 2013

So many worries

It's been a long couple weeks.  So much can go wrong in a short period of time.  So much feels like it has changed since the last time I posted on it.

Only four really big things have happened though.  The first is my car.  I've finally hit my limit with it.  Ever since I bought the Taurus, it's been nothing but trouble - I've had to replace more bits and pieces on it alone then between my Altima and Volvo combined.  And this past week or two, the break line broke.  Thankfully, it was while I was still in my driveway, and not on my way to school or work.

So, I'm getting another car.  It's requiring a loan, but considering I really don't want to sink more money into a car I was intending on ditching in the next year or so anyway, I'll just have to take the cost.  Incidentally, we looked at a car Saturday night - and it is a beautiful car.

Which, actually, brings me to another point.  I decided to get rid of my Volvo.  The wrecked one.  It's been sitting for a long time - and nothing is bringing it back.  So I had to decide, when the Ford took a dump on my week, to sell it.  Of course, then I decided to buy another one to replace it and the Ford, and that's the one I saw Saturday - a black Volvo S70.  I'm going to ideally be going in this week to apply for the loan, have it approved and get over to get the car.  But we'll see how the week pans out.

The next bit of news is...well, depressing.  A week or so ago, Muffin died.  We aren't sure why.  One hour she was fine, the next I had her in my hands, dying.  None of the other mice are sick - in fact, they seem fairly active and alert and happy - but not Muffin.  We buried her in the yard with Oreo, and am now back at square one - because now we both have decided pet store mice are not for us.  But there are no breeders close to us.  So we'll see what happens.  I am just worried, because that's two mice in a months span - and both came from separate stores, so I don't know what could cause it.

Thirdly is my family.  I'm not going to get too much into it, it's a severely personal matter, but to put it lightly, stuff happened.  I'm sad because I was up here during all of it, and am afraid that if something else happens down there, I won't be able to get there in time.  Thus is the life of someone living away from family though, I suppose.

Last is my schooling - it's getting hard.  I'm annoyed at all my classes, don't know what I'm doing with myself, afraid of failing - and it's stressing me out.  I can get a passing grade and still fear failing.  Dammit.

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