Monday, October 21, 2013

So, funny things this past week...

A lot has been happening in the past week or so.

A pretty awesome charity. Go check them out!
This week was PUGG's Sweetest Day Fundraiser.  While it was kinda ill-planned and put together, it seemed to come together at least relatively well.  We were able to raise $40 or so dollars for the United Way - which, considering my incredibly low expectations of the event, isn't too shabby.  Though now I need to figure out how to get it to them, that could be done with the school.

Another interesting note was Tuesday.  Disney, for the last few months, has been releasing their Fairy tale Designer Collection dolls - different Disney couples, made into collectible, limited run dolls.  With a run of only 6000 per set, it's competitive getting them.  To the point that in-store sales had to be done via raffle, as opposed to just letting shoppers pick them up.

Absolute perfection in a box.
Of course, a month ago when I saw they'd have Ariel and Eric, I fell in love with them and needed to have them.  Then nearly cried last week when no job had yet been acquired, and as such could not acquire said doll set.

Cue Tuesday.  I hadn't bothered going to the store, as between the nonexistent likelihood of getting picked for the dolls, and my internship, I had to make the choice between them, and responsibility won out.

Mind, it helped that in the evening, the dolls would be debuted online and could be ordered there too.  Then I found out it wouldn't be until 2 in the morning when that'd be the case.  Unphased, I announced to Ron and our furbabies that I would stay up, order the dolls like the irresponsible twit I can be, and then get up at 9 to go to work, no sweat.

I went, did chores, then cleaned up for the long wait for 2 AM - and returned to a living room where, magically, the dolls had appeared on my desk.  Which is around the time I proceeded to spaz all over the house.

Needless to say, come to find out a certain Mr. Ron had went to the mall the week previous to pre-order them, found out he couldn't, so then returned on Tuesday to get his ticket, and luckily be called first for a set.  So not only am I the proud owner of Ariel/Eric #...something or other, I am the happy and lucky girlfriend of the most awesome guy in the world.  The guy who walked into the Disney Store, bought the gushiest dolls ever, and walked out with his manliness intact.

And, our meecers are doing well.  On my outing with  a good friend of mine, I managed to pick up a cheapo 10 gallon fish tank, with mesh lid (and random fake grass) for Kethry and Muffin.  So now they have a safe tank instead of that ridiculous cage, and I can actually put stuff in with them to play and hide in.  Going garage sale shopping and thrifting is amazing sometimes.  Also, picking up an awesome Ariel toy chest on the cheaps is awesome, as now I have a place to store bedding, food, and other such things I don't want just sitting out in the open - but it's stored in a big container that I enjoy the look of.  Shazam!

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