Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Fur-Family

So, as a poor, busy college student, sometimes it's incredibly hard to have pets.  Not home enough to own a dog or a cat, or any not-nocturnal creature, at any rate.  So earlier this year, my beloved and I made the somewhat easy decision that to satisfy my cute, furry, cuddly needs, we would acquire pet mice.

Que Rose and Doctor.  Rose, come to find out, is what is referred to as a "PEW" - a Pink Eyed White.  What Doctor is, who knows.  She has dark fur and is adorably shy.  It was almost immediately that they showed their personalities - while Rose ran in the wheel almost constantly (even requiring it being disconnected when I had to sleep in the living room, sick), Doctor has been content to sometimes run, but usually chill in their nest.  Rose is the adventurous, social one, while Doctor is more withdrawn.

At the beginning of this month, after having Rose and Doctor for five months or so, we picked up a third cutie.  We named her Oreo, primarily because of her particular colouring: branded.

She was small, cute, and an escape artist - even going so far as to somehow escape their tank, finding Ron and climbing on him in his sleep.  Little snot!

Which is where we come to the sad part.  This past Friday, we actually lost Oreo - we think due to injury she inflicted due to OCD.  We gave her a proper burial, and we miss her dearly.

In that loss, I realized just how much my little cuties mean to me- that a creature so small, in such short time, could wiggle her little way into my heart so easily is amazing.  We have amazing mice - and I am so glad for their quiet, wiggly company.  Creating fake friends and MES for them is a joy, especially when I see them explore and play with them..

One day I might expand the colony/family, once I have given myself enough time to grieve for my lost baby.  For now, I'm happy to share happy cuddles with Rose and Doctor.

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