Thursday, October 10, 2013

Everything is expanding!

Everything, I say!  Let's get down to the good, the bad, and the ugly:

The good: So, I had some time to kill, so I went to troll some of the pet shops in the area, see if they had any good sales, etc for mouse-friendly treats or toys.  Instead, I ended up leaving with two new babies.  Meet Newbie 1 and Newbie 2:

Names are still up for debate, since we can't seem to settle on ones.  Though after they kept me up half the night last night, I'm half tempted to name them Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!

They are, from what I can tell, considered "Broken Yellows."  Which is a coat pattern/colouring for mice.  Regardless - they are adorable, and I fell in love with them immediately.  So they will be in quarantine for three weeks, after which if they show no illness I will begin introducing them to Rose and Doctor.  I think my family is big enough currently now - expanding from 2 to 4 is a jump for me, but it's a nice even number that, should anything happen to one or even two of them, none of them would be left alone to pine away.

The bad: I seriously need to shed some pounds.  Ever since I started at PUC, my weight has been doing nothing but a steady climb.  I started at 180 pounds - we aren't going to talk about where I am now.  That needs to end.  I've been trying to cut out fast food, and outside of a few instances, I've been fairly successful  I think, but my weight seems to be staying still.  I must do more!  

Which comes to the ugly:

Exactly right - because I'm not allowed, apparently!
Gym memberships are expensive as hell!  In particular, I've been looking for one with a pool.  I found one in Hammond, but with a price tag of at minimum $80 a month or $240 a year and feeling like I'll be robbed any time I'd be in there, it isn't worth it.  I found another one, and I have a guest pass to check it out more, but at $61 a month, that one is even more expensive, but is out in the open and in an area that I feel safe in.  And then the third place I checked it's at least $600 a year!  Gods.  Are college students not allowed to want to be fit or something?

The school gym isn't cutting it, because as much as I love machines (not), I would much rather swim - but no place has an indoor pool I can use for cheap or free.  Oi.  First world problems, amirite? 

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