Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cleaning...kinda sorta sucks

It's not even that the house is a sty or anything.  I think it's mainly that I am feeling, generally, overwhelmed -
school, internship, job search, car issues, mousie issues, and so when I return home and see something akin to this on a table or desk:
A massive pile of shame

I instead see this:
An accident waiting to happen.  Otherwise known as my Saturday evenings.

Which then in turns leads to it eventually becoming a lesser version of that, due to the fact that I can't bring myself to deal with the smaller pile.  It's a ridiculous mental issue to have - there's a mess, so I get upset there is a mess so leave it, so it gets worse, making me more upset, meaning I leave it something out of a bad sitcom!


So, now I'm off to go clean off the dinning room table, in hopes that one day I may be able to eat at it.  Eventually.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Fur-Family

So, as a poor, busy college student, sometimes it's incredibly hard to have pets.  Not home enough to own a dog or a cat, or any not-nocturnal creature, at any rate.  So earlier this year, my beloved and I made the somewhat easy decision that to satisfy my cute, furry, cuddly needs, we would acquire pet mice.

Out with the old, in with the new

So, I tried running a blog before.  It failed epically - I rarely updated, namely because not much good happened, then I ended up losing the log in for it.

However, since those days, my life has changed.  Going smoother, better, brighter.  And with it, I decided to start a new blog, rather then resurrect the old one.  This one will, I hope, give me a place to focus on writing about my life- about my final year of college, about being a worrisome mouse-mama, about my awesome friends and even awesomer boyfriend.

About getting shot at with colourful balls of goo.  About games and world building and workshops and events.  About the random cat pictures I find, the silliness of life and circumstance.

Maybe about some of the things of note in the news, and at the school.  The ups and the downs, the lefts, rights, and diagonals.

DCD, PUC, EC, ASAP, ETC, WTF, and - others.  I hope you will follow me on this amazing journey, this crossroad of my college life.